Friday, November 27, 2015

BTV Airport seeks to co-exist with South Burlington

 Hungry but

she grew
to where her appetite

Houses and families
raised around her,
wearing a deaf ear until

More and more flew
till the skies were no
longer as blue as

terrain, her arms outspread
reaching out in invitation

Army National Guard
joined The Green Mountain Boys
as the family expanded
and matured
4, 16, 35, up, up and away

Her voice now echoing
long and wide

Some neighbors cried out
our ears will not accept
such violent accelerando.

Her family had grown boisterous.
Having no doors to close
she bought homes 
with affection.

While others felt abandoned
unoccupied vacant-forlorn-
community apart for nearly
a year of anguish

She finally brought homes
with grace
helping some move on.

Later her voice pattern
a shorter range
yet broader
in the middle.

From litigation
to mitigation
extenuation, palliation
neighborly accommodation
opacity to transparency

still the chambers roared
for trust takes time
to be reborn.

She is hungry though benevolent
carries us where and when we want to go
guards our skies
delivers our guests

Shrill – Piercing –Deafening

Can we learn to love her
without starving her
muffle her noise
without barricading
or razing
each other?

~ Bernie Paquette


But is Reason still waiting for Passion to spend itself?
-Herman Melville

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Bernie publishes commentary and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community.