Sunday, December 6, 2015

Wheeler Park: Will you join the Tree Party?

Wheeler park in South Burlington, Vermont invites you to hike and read, along the trail, the book, 

"Let's Have a Tree Party". 

"I'm having a party!" shouted Grandpa Crow."Spread the word so our friends all know,Come one, come all, and make merry with me.What could be better than friends together at a party in a tree?

OKAY, lets all hike on to the next page.

                                                                                Did you wiggle your tush?

Commercial break.....

Enjoy the textures and colors of the forest floor;

don't forget to look up too.

Stop, look and listen
you will be amazed
at what nature has to offer.

Give a tree a hug 
trees share their wisdom
with you
when you reach
out to them. 

Find patterns and shades of colors.

  Find: Lost and Found too.

Now back to our story.

              Simon says...

                                               Touch your nose

                                            Notice what changes.

                                   Now Simon says....

               From near and afar


               tell us 

                  her story

                     if only 

                       we care to listen

                           to stop, look and listen.

Hope you enjoyed the walk in Wheeler park and the story along the way. Visit again real soon.

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