Sunday, October 11, 2015

Underwood Natural Area - City mows, Turkeys harvest

South Burlington, VT photos. Wild Turkey

SB Underwood Natural Area

The city of South Burlington mowed wide paths on the meadows of recently acquired Underwood property. Soon afterword grasshoppers set out to sun themselves. In early October I walked along the paths with five to six foot tall grasses, as well as milkweed and flowers on either side. 

Walking along the mowed pathways I watched as dozen upon dozens of grasshoppers jumped in front and around me. As I approached a blind bend in the path, suddenly there were no or nearly no grasshoppers to be seen. 

About twenty feet further, as I turned with the pathway, close to two dozen turkeys appeared - no more than twenty feet ahead of me. 

The turkey rafter was gobbling up grasshoppers in a clean sweep in rapid succession. 
No grasshopper left behind. 

As I followed them, from time to time a few turkeys would venture into the tall grass  

only to come back to the pathways shortly thereafter, apparently finding the smorgasbord more easily reached along the mowed path-easier pickings.  

Smaller birds were abundant, however they mainly darted in and out of the tall grasses - so were difficult to observe except when I briefly flushed a few out into a pine tree.

Underwood Natural Area located on Nowland Farm Road, is a 60-acre undeveloped parcel of land purchased by the city of South Burlington in 2013. There are trails on both open meadow and in the wooded areas.


Strutting her stuff. 

Turkeys yield to bikers

The mother-load.


Mom just does not want to let go.

Talking Turkey

Walk like this.

Doing the Turkey Walk

When you have to pee
and there are no trees around. 

Hey the grass is greener on the other side.

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