Thursday, June 24, 2010

Green Up Day, A Vermont Tradition

Spring traditions: cruising on a Sunday afternoon, the first ice cream at Al’s after the kids’ game, Easter egg hunts, spring fever-shorts on a brisk but sunny fifty–eight degree day. And of course that first bike ride lesson, with the wheels wobbly, Mom or Dad’s hands tentatively letting go, and the laughter and joy from all – a moment in time together to be cherished. Spring, it is the dawn of a new beginning, a clean sweep, a time of renewal. Another one of our spring traditions reflecting nature’s resurgence is Green Up Day.

Celebrate Vermont’s 40- year Green Up Day tradition May 1, 2010. Visit the Green Up Vermont nonprofit organization’s web site at Reflect on a Vermont tradition now as established as Maple sugaring. Check out the picture of than Governor Deane Davis with a troop of scouts taken on April 18, 1970 on the first Green Up Day. Read the history how a single idea from a reporter who became appalled at the unsightly litter revealed after the snow melt, became the genesis of a movement. That idea involved engaging groups of volunteer citizens; families, friends, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, fellow employees, bridge card club members, students, and many others to clean the highways of the state. Over 70,000 Vermonters joined in that up and coming to be tradition: the first Saturday in May Green Up Day clean up of our roads and streams, sidewalks, and storefronts and other byways.

The enthusiasm, the excitement generated each year is I think, partly due to Vermonters wanting to have a reason to get out and urge spring on, and partly due to Vermonters environmental consciousness. However, I think, mostly the tradition of Green Up Day is due to the coming together of groups of people to share a feel good accomplishment that all ages can participate in while having fun. Green Up day is a conduit joining unified people together. Green Up Day is a special tradition for a special place.

Remember as Green Up Vermont advises: “Green Up can occur at any time, at any place. Together we share the goal of keeping Vermont a clean, safe, beautiful place to live, visit and enjoy.”

I encourage you to visit the web site and view the blogs, pictures, history, and more, and of course join in and “Pick up a piece every day” as well as on Green Up Day- make it a tradition!

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