Monday, October 19, 2015

Burlington, VT Murals, Reflections & Sculptures

Burlington VT photos. Murals, Reflections, and Sculptures.

Spring has arrived in Burlington, VT, at least temporarily. 

 The ice is gone, the sun is warm, the air temperature is approaching 50's. Time to hang some clothes on the line for that clean fresh smell.

Burlington, VT
 is perhaps best viewed by foot, or bike for all its restaurants, shops, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, craft beer options, farmer's market, public Lake front boardwalk and bike path. However, don't forget to look up as well as around. 

A bird's eye view will capture an outdoor art gallery. When in Burlington, remember to Stop, Look, and Listen - eye candy is all around as well as up and down. 

Start your morning with coffee and breakfast
from one on many coffee shops in downtown BTV.

Ditch the car, and walk or bike.

Even some of the birds prefer walking
to view BTV at its finest.

View photos of Vermont Artist Mary Lacy
 (painted the hummingbird) 
on her website @


                                                                                                              Stairway to heaven

                                                                                                            Reserved seating

                                                                                                  Crayola - (sky) scrapers

From humble beginnings.

Crayons Optional

Steeple - chase

All this walking made me thirsty

OK, that is probably enough beers for me-the lines are wavy.


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