Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Up Day Poster Winners 2012

2012 Overall Abbey Jermyn Montpelier High SchoolGRADE 6-7 Winner Kennedy Moore Reading ElemGRADE 6-7 Winner Elissa Deering homeschoolerGrade 10-12 winner Maddie HersamGRADE 8-9 Winner Kate Martens HomeschoolerGRADE K-1 Winner Mariah Emerson Blue Mt US
GRADE 8-9 Winner Lauren Lamberton Blue Mt USGRADE K-1 Winner Mackenzie Maher Blue Mt USGRADE 8-9 Winner Felicia Forsyth MMUGRADE K-1 Winner Isabella Sepulveda-Muniz Blue Mt USGRADE K-1 Winner Gage Simpson Barre Town MESGRADE 8-9 Winner Jordan Farquharson Blue Mt US
Grade K-1 Winner Leia Barth Open Fields SchoolGRADE 8-9 Winner Elisa Fantoni Barre Town MESGRADE 2-3 Winner Max Burt Barre Town MESGRADE 10-12 Winner Taylor Paone MMUGRADE 2-3 Winner Colby Langtange Lyndon Town SchoolGRADE 10-12 Winner Luke Hammer Montp. HS
GRADE 2-3 Winner Ainsley Wells Lyndon Town SchoolGRADE 10-12 Winner Dillon Williams Blue Mt USGRADE 2-3 Winner Nicole Dutton Irasburg Village SchoolGRADE 10-12 Winner Sarah Ludwin-Peery MMUGRADE 2-3 Winner Bailey Phillips Poultney ElemGRADE 10-12 Winner Molly Sargent MMU
Click on greenupvermont to see more award winning Green Up day posters received by Green Up Vermont from Vermont school children and young adult students (32 posters from 835 received). See the grade category winner's names and grade @

Congratulations to every individual, every student, every teacher, every parent, who used their creative talent, uplifting spirit, and we care attitude in creating Green Up Day posters. Every one of you is a winner. Thank You all for helping to be a VOICE for our communities, our state, our Planet. With many hands helping we can keep our world GREEN AND CLEAN.
Love where you live,
Bernie Paquette

Green Up Vermont web site: Past years posters.