Friday, January 25, 2013

Bernie Paquette: My story, what's yours?

Hello, my name is Bernie Paquette.

I am an advocate of Green, Clean, and Community. 

I write short stories and post photos
reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean, inspiring people to maintain a litter-free environment year round. 

Why use stories? Because stories make us care. I encourage all Vermont residents to use informed civil discourse (appreciate diverse opinions) to call for actions to make for a better town, city, a healthy (and aesthetically pleasing) landscape, a healing world. 

Reach out for inclusive citizenship involvement in local government, non-profits and volunteer opportunities.  Every one of us can find ways to uphold our Vermont values and protect our natural resources and landscapes through caring, community and contribution. Become involved, immersed in the story of your Vermont environment in 2013. Carve out a role for yourself to make the story your own. 

 Pick up one piece of litter and dispose of it properly. Be aware of how you feel when you do that.

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