Saturday, September 20, 2014

International Coastal Cleanup - Blanchard Beach, Burlington, Vermont

Vermont version of the International Coastal Cleanup. We were part of a force of millions of people all over the world spending a few hours picking up marine debris along our favorite waterways from rivers to the sea.

Saturday, September 20, 10-12
We cleaned up litter and collected data along Lake Champlain at Blanchard Beach, (next to Oakledge park), Burlington VT. 
Sponsored and organized by Rachel Z. Miller, Co-Founder/Executive Director/Chief Ocean and Lake Lover
Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean.

It was fun and we made a difference!

Rachel scores a ReUse item from the beach clean up. 

Gloves are good. 

                                               Preserve, protect, keep Vermont clean and green.

                                                                                        Coastal Cleanup in Burlington, Vt uncovers Dream Machine

                                                                                   Somebody under there?

                                           One might wish sand in this Marie's coffee, seeing as she left litter on our sand.

                                                                             Tobacco plant in Vermont?

                                                         Do Not Pull the Tab - the Lake will escape down the drain. 

                                                               For wildlife litter is TERMINAL.

                                          This wheat will not grow in the beach sand. 


 Blanchard beach, now a part of International Coastal Cleanup for 2014. 

15 people, 1.5 hours, 2,300 pieces of trash

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