Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Madness: All-Season Sport Introduction.

Sports are a national pastime.  Look no further than NCAA March Madness .....

to know we are serious about sports.  Accumulating the most points or the best execution of a particular motion or task excites us.

So what are the potential drawbacks, what limits some of us from participating in sports?

There is a limited roster.  If you are not, at least seven feet tall-probably you will not be playing in basketball’s March Madness. Even in grade school, and most certainly by high school, only the best athletes are chosen to participate in the finite team roster. The rules are sometimes complicated and restrictive. There are physical requirements.  Not all of us are physically fit enough to meet the endurance requirements of the sport. There are winners and losers.  It is great to be the winner, not so much so being the loser.

What might be the perfect all around accessible sport? One that has no membership limitation, participation can occur nearly anywhere and anytime, allows for counting and accumulating points, provides the health benefits encompassed in walking, lends itself to publicity and applause for participation regardless of score, and there are no losers only winners.  Is there such a sport? Yes, there is one.

Do you want to try it out? Grab an empty grocery bag or garbage bag and a pair of gloves. Head outside alone or with a friend or a group of folks. Walk around your neighborhood, or a park, or downtown or wherever you like. There are no age limitations, no size, weight or strength limitations. As long as you can get from point A to point B and can pick up an item from the ground, you can participate in this sport.

Whether you pick up 1 piece every day or 100 pieces in a weeks’ time-you are a winner, and through your efforts, everyone shares in your win. Participation provides the health benefits gained from walking, and a cleaner healthier environment for people and for all the creatures that frequent your arena.  As you progress in frequency and quantity, look for improved awareness, a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of giving back, as well as an awakened spirit of adventure.

The skill of this sport is in observation and collection of littered trash. Note the exhilaration each game point provides. Slam-dunk each bag of collected litter as though you were seven feet tall and playing in the “Final Four” of basketball fame, or just hit the game winning home run in the World Series, or just skated or skied a majestic run. If a stranger beeps their car horn or waves to you while you are playing this sport-consider it applause from the stands!

 Litter is an All-Season sport; Drop a piece of trash, you lose a point, pick up a piece of littered trash, you gain a point.  Now get out there and clean up on the competition.  

This week’s haul was the last straw for my litterbag.  This Green Up Day bag was reused in all four seasons since 2009; time to retire it and bring out a new one.

Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.

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