Monday, March 5, 2012

Clean City: Voters to decide on Clean community. Litter

City of South Burlington
Annual City Meeting

     The legal voters of the City of South Burlington are hereby notified and warned to meet at their respective neighborhoods any day of the week all year long to vote through actions for a Green and CLEAN community.

ARTICLE  IC. Citizens for a Clean SB community
Shall the citizens of the City of South Burlington elect to clean up and thereafter maintain a litter free environment to include the public streets, sidewalks, curbside roadways, public green belt, public parks and trails throughout the year?
 Shall the residents declare intolerance for littered trash?

 ARTICLE IB. Businesses for a Clean SB business district
Shall the businesses in the City of South Burlington elect to clean up and maintain a litter free storefront to include the parking area, walkway, fronting sidewalk, greenbelt, and roadside curb, on a year round basis?


Clean will create a more pleasant and healthy environment for people and nature's animals.




                                                                      Take action to vote unpleasant sights like this, out of town.

 Vote for this Green and Clean entryway.

 Take action to vote against this unsightly presentation.


                                                                                     Wrong Way to welcome visitors.

Voice your vote for clean; act to keep our beloved community clean. 

 Love where you live!

March 22, 2012 Update. State employees recently cleaned up the interstate 89 ramps green belt near Williston Rd. Thanks goes out to them.

Amplify Vermont values. Vote clean - pick up litter in your community. 


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