Friday, November 25, 2011


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World Litter Fund: Instead of donating money you take something-litter/trash, and dispose of it properly.

Do not inflict us with litter, for that we would be bitter

1. Culture change. Fall: Pick up people litter, leave the leaf litter to make new soil.

2. Lake Champlain beaches-sand or plastic Our choice.



6. id'g the problem & promoting remediation are necessary to bring clean up into the daily fabric of business community

7. teams with the right mix of unfamiliarity and intimacy- best performers." Gathering these- function of Cafe's like Magl.

8. IF the answer is no, you haven't asked enough times yet. (or not enough of you have asked YET).

9. Ad: Kiss the frog release the prince. Pick up litter save the frog

10. Ad. Litter - GMO's for fish.

11. Lasoo adrift fishing rope before it hangs fish, turtles, and other innoncent seafarers.

12. Litter pickin is addictive. Unfortunately litterbugs keep feeding our habit.

13. Ad. Cats prefer clean litter. Keep yours off the ground.

14. Ad. Pick Up littered trash so that it won't get you down.

15. Ad. UnHate litter. Pick it up then trash it.

16. Ad: Pick up Artist (Litter Pickers) paint the landscape green.

17. Those in favor of litter (quiet) those opposed (loud Yay's). That was easy now lets take action to clean up.

18. Ad. Litter-Just Pick It Up.

19. Ad. New Seafood Menus: Plastic #1(pete), Plastic #2(hdpe), Plastic #3(pvs), Plastic #4 (ldpe)...All smoked (cig butt chem. infested)

20. Wanted Lost fishing gear- before the fish catch it.

21. Ad: Don't subsidize litter-bag it.

22. Racy Litter Ad: Go down for litter come up with glitter.

23. Litter Ads: The only good litter is leaf litter. What the world was like before litter. Pick it up and find out.

26. On my bucket list. Spend a whole day unsuccessfully searching for litter; only finding folks outdoors enjoying nature.

27. Vermont getaway. Neighborhood walkathon. Walk around your block & pick up litter, then walk around your block again and try not to smile-bet you can't help it.

29. Born in the USA. This is your hometown. Keep it Green and Clean.

30. Have you noticed? Vermonters like to keep the state Green and Clean.

31. Litter is Nature's cancer. However -We know the cure.

32. Bumpersticker: I am running for Litter.

33. Rumor has in repentant litterbug is hiding treasure amongst street trash.

34. Litter Picking: Fun, challenging, rewarding, good exercise, however beware it can be ADDICTIVE.

36. I wasted 140 characters wondering what it would be like iflitterdidntexist.

37. Cold butts on the beach are just wrong. So are hot (cigarette) butts.

38. Pick up a piece (of litter) every day. Here me roar! Sea lions rejoice!



42. WALK THE TALK. His mother taught him “not to talk trash”, so now he drops it on the ground."

43. . If you dropped it on the ground, pick it up, if someone else dropped it on the ground,pick it up.

44. Volunteer litter pickers are priceless.                                     

LOCAL RESIDENTS LOST on nature-walk. Signs deteriorated, paths covered with leaves, too much hard cider. After hours of wandering on the five-acre park, a trail of littered trash showed them the way out. Future walkers beware; the trash has been collected and disposed.

WEARING A VEST AND HAT OF ORANGE, he headed outdoors. THE GAME WAS ELUSIVE, hiding in the leaves motionless. Only an hour later he returned home with a grocery bag filled with littered trash –the daily limit.

Lingering witches use littered trash for their brews. Recipes call for, lawn mower chopped cans, fast food remnants (bag and all), slushy and moldy drink remains, lots of plastic, paper, and peppered with toxic cigarette butts. DO NOT FEED THE WITCHES – THEY WILL USE THEIR BREWS TO CURSE YOU OR WORSE!

CRAVING MORE HALLOWEEN CANDY? Try scavenging the day after Halloween for candy wrappers thrown aside on the streets and sidewalks-satisfying and less filling.

ü  Vermont:  Red, yellow, orange leaves, white spiraled church towers, vibrant mountains, potpie dinners, ballooning pumpkins, logs stacked like puzzle pieces, NOT littered trash. 

Most surprising answer from an OUTER SPACE ALIEN visiting earth, when asked to describe one thing that the alien really took care of, the alien answered “The Planet”! Make ours Green and Clean.

I AM THANKFUL for … people who care about keeping their environment, their sidewalks and streets, litter free. For people who carry a grocery bag with them to stash found littered trash while they walk. For businesses that keep their storefronts –parking lots, sidewalk, and street frontage clean year round.

Thankful for winning the Fish and Game department trash hunting permiit, she wondered how many pounds she could bag this year. The state issued more permits than the last few years due to the rising amount of littered trash. She welcomed the competition.

POLITICAL SIGNS for flower bulbs. November elections bring bazillion political signs to heavily travelled roadways and intersections. POLITICIANS please “replace those signs with flower bulbs after the election”. At least one of the two promises will flower in the spring.

ü Fall back, spring forward. Fall Clean Up. Spring Green Up.

WALK THE TALK. His mother taught him “not to talk trash”, so now he drops it on the ground 

People sometimes drop littered trash on the ground. Do you know where much of the land littered trash ends up? Hint: it’s not on land.

NOVEMBER ELECTION REFERENDUM: Who wants littered trash in our city, town, community, neighborhood, park, storefronts, sidewalks, roads, streams, rivers, lakes? Votes tallied -No one does. That was easy. Now let’s do the hard part and pick it up year round!

I think three things are too big: Texas, Taxes, and Trash. Probably can’t do much about reducing the first two but I think we can DRASTICALLY REDUCE LITTERED TRASH. Pick up a piece every day.