Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clean City: Let’s Not Disappoint Them. Litter


Let's Not Disappoint Them.

Red, yellow, orange, replacing green are the dominant colors of our landscape as nature ushers in autumn. White spiraled church towers, mountains painted with a vibrant palette, and chicken potpie dinners represent some of the best of Vermont. Pumpkins are ballooning like basketballs. Logs are stacked like puzzle pieces. Littered trash does not belong in this mix

Fall foliage in Vermont brings people with similar expectations of what the Vermont landscape will look like. Let’s not disappoint them! 

Residents step out into your front yard today and clean up any littered trash in view: on your lawn, on the sidewalk, in the road-insure your piece of Vermont landscape is green and clean.

Businesses and non-profit organizations, show your community pride with a business entryway, parking area, sidewalk and roadway that are clean and green 365 days of the year. 

Receive recognition for your socially responsible anti-litter accomplishments via my blog postings @  and in my Green and Clean column published in The Other Paper @  and The Mountain Gazette @

 Contact me: litterwithastorytotell@yahoo(dot)com  with information listed below.  

Information requested to facilitate anti-litter activity recognition:

 1.      Organization and representative’s name.

 2.      Date(s) and location(s) cleanup or prevention activities occurred.

3.       Quantification of littered trash eliminated. Such as the number of pounds, pieces, or large garbage bags filled.

 4.      Person-hours utilized in cleanup and or prevention effort.

5.      Photos (Optional) for  publication on blog only:

§  Before and after shots, or pictures of found trash.

§  Photos of your team litter picking.

§  Photos of unique, startling, or otherwise noteworthy items of found littered trash.

I encourage your organization to become a member of Green Up 365 in acknowledgment of your team’s community service in removing littered trash.

Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

*Note this offering has no affiliation to the Green Up Vermont nonprofit org.

 FAQ: I keep my business lot clean. Why should I clean up trash on the sidewalk and roadside in front of my establishment?

Ø True, your organization does not own the sidewalk and street frontage, nevertheless littered trash in this area reflects on the view of your business storefront.

FAQ: With a successful yearly Green Up Day event, why do we need to do more?

Ø On a single day in May (Green Up Day) our communities experience a wealth of refurbishment when months of accumulated trash-a debit against the landscape- is removed and properly disposed (by volunteers throughout the state).  Can we ignore the perils of litter on the other 364 days of the year? Not anymore than businesses can open only on Black Friday and expect to succeed. Just as businesses strive every day throughout the year to bring their clients products and services so they and we must remain vigilant in deterring and cleaning up littered trash year round.  

Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.