Friday, September 9, 2011

Sharing Summer Vacation. A one act play by Bernie Paquette. South Burlington, Vermont

                                        A One Act Play

The CHARACTERS are SARAH, JOEY, & PATRICK, each members of the same grade school class, and their TEACHER.

The SETTING is along a sidewalk on route to a local school in Vermont in early September as classes are about to resume after a summer long hiatus.

SCENE: Sarah has spent the summer at her Uncle’s farm in St Albans, Vermont. Joey spent the summer with his Aunt in North Carolina. Patrick spent the summer in South Burlington, Vt.  with his mom and dad. The trio- lifelong friends, separated all summer are now walking to school together after the final day of summer vacation.

SARAH: [Reaching as high as she can with her hand in the air] Wild patches of blackberry plants grew twice as tall as I am. We picked and ate blackberries until we looked like goblins our face and hands colored purple. Uncle Tom said we might come out scratched a bit by the thorns but the best treasures usually required some sacrifice to obtain. I wondered how the birds managed to eat berries unharmed by the thorns or turned all purple like us.

JOEY: [Barely waiting for Sarah to finish] The beaches in North Carolina go on and on and on farther than from here to school.  Aunt Danielle and I saw wild dolphins swimming so close we could almost reach out and touch them as we swam in the ocean. We helped a sea turtle that was trying to dig a hole in the sand for her eggs. She had a piece of plastic tangled around her, binding one leg-we cut and removed the plastic.
       (See pic of turtle deformed due to six pack plastic ring @ and
@ )
      There were giant birds; I think Aunt Danielle said they were albatross or pelicans, sailing just inches above the waves. We picked up litter off the beach so birds and fish wouldn’t die from eating the trash. Oh and I almost forgot, there was a harbor seal and a sea otter and-

PATRICK:[Feeling somewhat left out, Patrick steps out and in front of Joey cutting him off in mid sentence.] Ok you guys, just cause you got to go to faraway places doesn’t mean you are the only ones who had fun this summer. Mom and I planted a raised bed garden and grew asparagus as big as trees. We planted trees too, a McIntosh apple tree, and an Evans Bali Cherry tree, and a chestnut and an elm tree. Twice a week we walked all over and picked up trash wherever we found it. Mom says if we all plant a few trees and pick up a piece of litter every day everyone’s walks will be better than ever. Even the birds helped pick up littered trash. We saw a robin’s nest in our cedar tree made of grass, leaves, string, and blue threads from a shredded tarp and other pieces of plastic too.

TEACHER: [After all three friends and other students reach school and settle into the classroom, their teacher begins the first day back to school] Students will you each share with us something you did and something you learned this summer?  Yes, Joey you can start for us.

JOEY:[ Stands up and addresses the class] I walked miles of beaches and swam with dolphins and turtles in the ocean. [Pausing to think] I learned there are miles and miles of walking places with trees and animals and birds right here at home that need our help.

TEACHER: Thank You Joey.  Now Sarah you may begin. 

SARAH: [In her lovely summer dress turns brightly to address the class] I wore bib overalls, got up every day before the sun, and fed chickens and geese and calves. [Looking at Joey] I learned that littered trash could end up in the ocean and harm turtles and other sea animals.

TEACHER: Thank You Sarah.   Patrick, what would you like to share with us?

PATRICK: [Begins quietly but confidently] Summer carried me for miles and miles and miles, but I never left home for more than a day. Mom and I and sometimes dad and sis walked beaches, and sidewalks, and dirt roads past farms. I learned we live in a Green and Clean city and state but no matter where you live, getting dirty is a small price to pay to keep our world green and clean.

TEACHER:  [Smiling] Joey, Patrick and Sarah, you all three seem to share a common thread even though you each spent the summer far apart. When exactly did you learn the lessons that you shared with us?

JOEY, PATRICK, SARAH: [call out in unison] Today!   [All three friends look at each other and laugh.]


Personal note: I ache for all the individuals who lost so much from the storm Irene.  One cannot take in all the pain and anguish of so many, yet my heart feels for the overwhelming agony washing in to our regions. Support fellow Vermonters, Buy Vermont.

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