Friday, June 6, 2014

BTV Waterfront bike path - Summer biking

Like BTV Vermont: Reason #1 Waterfront Bike Path

                                                    No need for Mapquest

                                            Pack a lunch from local grocers.

                                   The pathway to the Waterfront Bike Path-tunnel of Eden

                           Local Motion 

Burlington Bike Path - photos

"A mermaid's bewitching voice is said to be able to lure ships onto rocks and men to their deaths. They are beautiful in their appearance and are also musically talented, in both their singing and their playing of musical instruments. Though they spend most of their time underwater, they have been known to assume human form and come ashore to markets and fairs." The Mermaid Myth

                                       Around every turn is a new sight, experience, and feeling.

Find your youth again.

                                      Stop and swing for all your worth.

                                                     Champlain Bikeway 
 Complete mile-by-mile directions of the 363-mile Champlain Bikeway and 38 shorter connecting theme loops.

                       Causeway 4-mile long, 10 ft. wide gravel path extending across Lake Champlain
Read about Bike Ferry schedule

                                                        Tranquility, Aroma, Quiet

                                                                                   S e r e n i t y

                                                                       Filtered shade of bliss.


                                      Rest stop

                                                         with a view and chance for a dip.

                              Once I get to third gear, I'm not shifting gears for anything.

                                                      Beautiful no matter which way you go.

Stop at Battery park on the way back into downtown.

                                                                    Try your aim at the British or Champ.

                 FEAST on the best darn summer fries year in and year out @ Beansie's

                                                    Reflect on our land's heritage.

Walk, or bike, swim or sail, bird watch or fish; 

Enjoy Vermont's cities and towns, and the ambiance of 802 VT outdoors.

What do you like best about Btv, Vermont?

See Local Motion for more BTV biking info.

The third edition of the VT Bikeways Map, produced by the VT Department of Tourism and Marketing, is now available.  The maps are free. 
A large pdf of the map can be accessed via:

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  1. Nice Pictures! I love all the greenery the best.