Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Up Day - Why we do it every yr.

Why we participate in Vermont Green Up Day. 

Vermont — Cities and towns will host the 41st annual Green Up Day Litter/Trash Hunt on Saturday, May 6, 2017.
Over 15,000 people volunteer annually in picking up litter (over 40,000 bags of trash) on Green Up Day. Google GREEN UP VERMONT; find a list of town coordinators. View what a green and clean Vermont looks like in the eyes of students in grades k-12 –poster and writing projects.  Share the website with your family-download winning poster, view photos and videos, buy t-shirts, check out the blog, learn about Green up Day history, and more,
Many do not know the "state" does not do Green Up.  The non-profit org. must raise about 80% of its funds from the private sector. Support the businesses that support Green Up Vermont.  Interested individuals can also donate money.

When in my teens, no longer a child needing my parent’s attendance yet still harboring a deep down desire for family experiences, I sought out Green Up Day as a continuation of tradition mixed with my growing independence. 

As I joined friends that Saturday morning I felt like we were doing something good that seemed leveraged well beyond the ten or twelve bags of trash we collected. The activity was not as work anymore than climbing the hill to slide back down was in the winter. What I saw and felt that Saturday encourages me to view every day that I walk outdoors as Green Up Day.
 I seldom see so many families and friends gathered enjoying each other’s company in a statewide yet community based tradition as on Green Up Day.  Join your group on Green Up Day, Saturday May 7. Collaborate with those whom make Vermont a special place and Green Up Day a day to remember. 

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