Thursday, April 14, 2011

INVITATION to: for-profit and non profit organizations. Green Up and Shine.

Re: Green Up 365
I would like to offer an opportunity to list your South Burlington, Vermont organization’s Green Up-Clean-up activities and results on my blog. There is no associated fee. The benefit to your organization can be blog reader’s recognition of your organizations volunteer work to help clean up litter and trash in our community. The blog listing will help increase community awareness of the amount of found trash removed from our streets, sidewalks, and watershed, not just on Green Up day, but also throughout the year.  

Creditability: The columns contained in the blog are also published in The Other Paper  and The Mountain Gazette, with a circulation of 9800 and 4500 respectively. This listing offer is only for the blog at this time. Readership extends throughout the U.S.

 About the blog:
·         Synopsis: Vermont stories reflecting Green and Clean-Vermont Values. Each short story blends true events with imagination.
·         Each story promotes litter/trash eradication and prevention.
·         Published a minimum of once per month.
·         Column published continually for over 2 years.
·         No ads in the blog.
·         No fees for this service (listing your org and the clean up results).

About the listing offered: The blog side bar has a heading titled “Green Up 365”. This is the location where I intend on listing the organizations along with clean up information (see items 1-5 below).
Green Up 365 represents organizations who volunteer to help eradicate litter and trash throughout the year.
I look forward to hearing from you and gaining your permission to list your organization’s name and Green Up efforts and results on my blog, on a one-time basis or ideally on a monthly or quarterly basis-which ever your organization would prefer. 
Information required:
 1.      Organization representative’s name (person authorizing me to list the information listed below onto my web site under the heading “Green Up 365”) and contact number and  email address.

2.      Location cleaned up (address). Pls. note if the area is a wetland or watershed area.

3.      Any or all of the following information:

A.  Number of pounds of trash picked up, and properly disposed of.

B.  Number of pieces of litter/trash picked up and properly disposed of-individual pieces or number of large garbage bags of trash.

C.  Person-hours utilized in cleanup effort.

4.    Date(s) cleanup activities occurred.

5.    Optional
·         List any unique, startling, or otherwise noteworthy items of found trash.

·         Photos are also welcome, such as before and after shots, or pictures of found trash.

·         Written description along with pictures of:
     -Green Up activities and celebrations such as your volunteers litter picking.
     - Post clean up picnics or celebrations.
     -Other litter eradication and prevention activities. 

I encourage your organization to join this collaboration to promote and recognize efforts to eradicate litter and trash in our community. Please consider periodic year round clean ups in addition to Green Up Day participation.

Bernard Paquette