Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Litter picking is an All Season Sport - Halloween Menu. Are you on it? South Burlington, Vermont

Halloween Menu for Ghosts and Goblins

Trick or treaters beware;

on Halloween, ghost and goblins

are everywhere.

They make their fare (dinner)

from litter-

candy wrappers

dropped on the ground

by those who do not care.

If you hear

screeching and howling-

it’s because

even more than litter

they like litterers (litterbugs)

and they like them rare.

So when trick or treating

on Halloween

do have fun, and do not be


unless you drop litter.

In witch case

we will think of you

when we hear

your howls and screams

as the ghost and goblins

dine on litter,

and litterers rare-

their most favorite fare.

I think I will go to Bromont, Canada for Halloween. 
Bonbons sound even better than candy!

                              Haloween Restaraunt - for Litterers

Please be seated we will feast on you, oops, I mean we will serve you shortly.

Goblins like litterer's rare- stay off their menu-keep candy wrappers off the ground. 
    Happy Halloween

Hard at work tonight. Taste testing the Halloween candy. No bad ones yet. But must be diligent, quality control you know.
Mario bros. just stopped by- younger & shorter looking than i expected-still, great mustaches.

Matthew's black cat has the biggest grin on tonight for some reason.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts or black cats. However i am giving Matthew's black cat a wide birth today-and maybe extra treats. 

Local spotlight on grave observation - ghosts and goblins sure are short.

If I get my hands on the bugger who is eating all the Halloween candy...
Oh wait, that's me. I didn't recognize myself in costume- nothing but bones.

I think I will go to Bromont, Ca for Halloween. 
Bonbons sound even better than candy!

Planted snickers, and jelly beans hoping to grow a giant bean-stock that reaches up to that big comedy club in the sky.
The three musketeers bars planted next to them is to keep me from digging them up and eating them before they can grow.

For Halloween Ill dress up as a trash can & talk trash. Will I receive candy or wrappers? Either is good!

Happy Halloween

While you are marinating, oops I mean waiting to be served (to whom we will not tell) feel free to read this spooky Vermont folktale. It is sure to help you forget your fears.

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