Friday, June 10, 2016

South Burlington, VT Artists.

Meet Artists residing in South Burlington. And view a photo tour of Davis Studio. 

South Burlington not only has art and artists in residence, the city also has a new art studio, Davis Studio, located on Shelburne Road. SB artists, met on June 9 at the studio for a potluck and discussion on potential SB art exhibit locations including innovative and alternative spaces. The event was hosted by director and founder Teresa Davis, and Studio Manager Lydia Littwin.

Attending this, the second meeting of SB artists, were:

Teresa Davis, who tells people she is a binge artist, because most of her time is spent running the studio and two classes, yet she finds time to paint and schedule a show for her work. Web:


Sarah Bunker, (left) has worked in graphic design, but moved to painting after her daughter attended a painting party at Davis Studio. She now loves painting-abstracts, acrylics and mixed mediums. FB:

Linda Finkelstein (right), is a mixed media artist living in South Burlington. She taught art to children for over 30 years in NJ, moved to Vermont 2 years ago. Presently she volunteers with Art from the Heart and at Shelburne Museum and works at her home studio.
View some of her work at The Innovation Center, Third Floor, 128 Lakeside Street, Burlington, VT.

Sue Mower Adamson, teaches cartooning at Davis Studio and teaches art in the SB elementary schools. She recently works with fixed mediums.


Lydia Littwin, a Burlington resident working at Davis Studio, is an oil painter, who loves vibrant colors and birds. 
(Hey Lydia, check out my bird photos by selecting the 'Birds' tab on top of this website. ~Bernie)


June Shen-Epstein, a SB resident, is a sewing educator. She creates Modern Quilt Interpretations. View her work and meet her at an Opening Reception, Friday June 24, 5-7 p.m. at Nido Fabric and Yarn in Burlington. Website:

John Fritsche, recently moved to SB from Illinois, and works with ceramics. 
Wall piece from a series Fritsche did for a group show at Frog Hollow last April. It is a porcelain cast piece decorated with ceramic stains and a clear glaze and is about 6"X6"

Bernie Paquette, a SB resident who likes to write a few lines here and there, as well as share his photos of nature, and community. Photographs: One can only mirror earth's spirit, we can never capture it. You can find art outdoors, just Stop, Look, and Listen. Web:
Click here for a Sampling of Bernie's photos 

Jason Chin, a SB resident, writes and illustrates children's books, and paints - mostly with watercolor. 
Web Bio:

Deirdre Gill, a SB resident, is an author and illustrator of children's books.

Ernie Haas, a SB resident, creates nautical - historical realistic works for museums and individuals. 

Ilona Blanchard, the city's project director organized the first artists meet-up.

Payton Pellegrini, has a studio in SB called Painting with Payton. The atmosphere is relaxing and homey, with music and painting instruction. She enjoys helping others discover and grow their own creative talents. Web:

Lynn Cummings, a SB resident, teaches and works
in watercolor, mixed media collage, and acrylic. Web:

Anna Stein (sp?), works mostly with acrylics in abstract form. 

Mary Olsten (sp?), has run a couple of art galleries, and is an independent curator. 

Matthew Jenkins, a SB resident, a student at Massachusetts Art in Boston, interested in narrative art and illustration work, currently working with watercolors and ink, primarily.

Ida Ludlow, SB resident artist who creates portraits, paintings of peoples pets, homes. Web:   FB:

Andy Meyer, works with what he calls vintage industrial pop art, focusing on 1954-1966 time period. He also incorporates Japanese and Asian influences cultural aspects into advertising, architecture or industrial design - to showcase the conversation between east and west. 

Susan Palmer, is an actor and a director and a teaching artist at the Flynn theater. She works teachers within arts integration programs to incorporate theater into their curriculum. She is also a drama director at Essex High school. Creative Ground Web:

Mary Olmsted, bio pending

Unable to attend:

Matt Douglas. professional designer and illustrator and, according to his web site, self-described "nice guy". Web:

Read Art in the Heart of SB: Meet Matt Douglas

Re-Form School

Barbara K. Waters, bio pending

Potential art display locations discussed included:
Health Living, Barnes & Nobles, SB library, BTV airport, SB Farmers Market, Univ. Mall, Wheeler House, SB City Hall, Burton, Magic Hat, coffee and bagel shops. Also, outdoor venues such as art on cross walks, outdoor art to help define South Burlington. 

The group discussed the need for an individual (a SB artist group curator) from the group to manage scheduling / coordinating with businesses and the artist for art displays. Another concern is insuring the location environment is safe for the art being displayed.

A name for the SB artists group remained illusive so the group decided to let it peculate for a bit and perhaps decide on a name at the next meeting.

~SB artist association
~SB art with heart

Below is a virtual tour of Davis Studio. Special Thanks to Teresa, Lydia and other staff at Davis Studio for hosting the SB artists group.

Bernie publishes essays and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. 

A community has incomplete metamorphosis until it is fed and truly recognized for its changing form.  Community building is best had with many hands at the table striving for the same goal albeit in each their own way.   ~Bernie