Monday, October 26, 2015

BTV puts Bicycle Wheels under Halloween-bike ride photos (2015)

Burlington, VT photos (Halloween Bike Ride).

Burlington put bicycle wheels under Halloween for BTV's 6th annual Halloween Bike Ride. Promoting Shared Streets, not Scared Streets.

Thank You sponsors, Old Spokes Home,  BTV Parks & Rec/Waterfront (Event producer), Brio CoffeeworksBtv Walk Bike CouncilHotel VermontMaglianero, VHB, and Local Motion.

 This is the second BTV Halloween Bike Ride event posting which covers the bike ride through downtown Burlington.

The first posting has Candid photos taken at the park before the ride. 

Thank You to the BPD officers and the volunteers who helped with traffic control. 

Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. * More photos  and a special offer below...

*View candid photos taken before the ride started 
(I think the candid photos are the best!)

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Shared Streets, not Scared Streets.