Sunday, September 13, 2015

Machia Wilderness Camp Calcutta & Silent Auction: 2015

Machia Wilderness Camp, Calcutta -VT

Friends of Machia Wilderness Camp joined together on September 12 at the Elk’s Club in Burlington for a fun evening of games, prizes and a buffet dinner at The annual Calcutta and Silent Auction to support and expand the camp.
A Calcutta ball costs $100 which included a social hour and two buffet dinners.Then the real fun begins!  SEE PHOTOS OF THE 2015 EVENT BELOW. 
  • Every 6th ball drawn received a prize.
  • The 50th ball drawn received $500.00 cash.
  • The 60th ball drawn received $1,000.00 cash. (Final 2 entrants decided to split the cash prize.)

The Silent Auction featured merchandise and gift certificates. Raffle tickets for the rifles, the handmade quilt (queen size), and other raffles were sold as well as bumper stickers and books. 

All proceeds will support Machia Wilderness Camp’s capital campaign. It was a night of dinner, games the auction and lots of laughter and fun


The MC was all a glitter
and entertaining - keeping us all in suspense,
and keeping us all "in the game".
Here he gets his balls lined up!

My apologies for all whose photo came out with red eyes. This was my first time using the flash. Guess I have some work to do understanding the camera flash settings. For those of you who really do have red eyes - glad I could highlight them!

The food was delicious. My compliments
 to the cook(s), waiters, and waitresses 

and the Elks club. 

I think the MC is part magician. 

                        Nearly everyone was brought in to take part in the fun. 

Careful MC, you might get bumped. 

Hey, this gig ain't bad.


These guys were having way too much fun.

The Final ten holders of balls not yet drawn and therefore still eligible to win the $1000 cash prize were asked to come up front and sit in the chairs as the next nine balls were drawn. After each ball was drawn one more chair was emptied, and the remaining members decided whether they wanted to split the $1000 or have another ball drawn. 

 So much for a sure thing. 

Down to eight. 

Barkeep was one of the smiling and friendly folks
helping us to enjoy our evening. 


And then there were six





50/50 ticket drawing. 

And the 50/50 winner is....

Should we have another ball drawn 
or split the winnings?

We will split the winnings. 

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