Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CityFest 2015 - 150th Anniversary of South Burlington. Crafts and Exhibits

South Burlington, VT Photos - CityFest, SB 150 year celebration

Exhibits photos

Anniversary of
South Burlington, VT.
Celebrating Community. 
Crafts & Exhibits photos.
(3rd set of CityFest photos).

South Burlington, VT photos

I just love this artist's painted Eyeore! 

Paper to Pearls
4550 VT Route 105
Sheldon, VT

He did, he did.
He made me look!

Handcrafter/Handmade Art, Trees, Bugs 
and other things made from
RePurposed Recycled wire.

 Sweet Seasons Farm & Artisan Confections. Organic Heirloom Apples, Berries, Nuts, & Teas. www.facebook.com/sweetseasonsfarmvt. 



South Burlington Land Trust.
                  Preserving South Burlington, Vermont's natural and cultural land heritage.                                     


Thank You artisans, craft makers, food preparation and servers, and other vendors for sharing your expertise, wares, products, knowledge, as well as fun and games and plain ole Vermont friendly conversation

For those artisians, craft makers, and other vendors not identified but wish to be, please contact me at Bernie(dot)paquette @yahoo(dot)com. Tell me your business name, website if any, and which photo is you or your exhibit.

Click here to view the BEST CANDID PHOTOS from SB CityFest, Issue 1 of CityFest photos. Click here to view Issue 2 of CityFest photos. 

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