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Growing Young Gardeners Club - Wash Out and Rebuilding

Growing Young Gardner's Club. 

Wash out & Rebuilding.

The Growing Young Gardeners Club 

met for the fourth session at Wheeler Park on 1100 Dorset Street in South Burlington, Vermont on July 2, 2015. 

South Burlington, VT photos - Growing Young Gardeners Club. 

Wheeler Community Gardens, SB VT

Wash Out & Rebuilding     The gardeners had a great time today. My [Bonnie's] granddaughter took pictures for us.  

     We discovered, with the heavy rain of the night before, that lots of bark mulch had floated into areas that it should not. In addition, the beds that are growing the squash, watermelon, cucumbers washed away.  Miss Jan found some long stakes (about 7 feet each) and we decided that we would make a modified raised bed where the dirt washed away. 

      We also decided that we needed a path in the middle of that bed so we did not have to go to the end of the garden to get to the other side.  Miss Jan gave each camper a shovel and lined up the crew into an organized assemble line.
     In turn, they took a shovel full of dirt from the path and took it to the wash out area.  We then raked it into a nice line and placed the boards along the edge. The youth stepped on it, together, to anchor it in place, and then they raked the bark mulch back where it belonged. The youth did a lot of hard work, well done.
     Miss Jan then took several of the youth to one of the triangle beds to do some transplanting while the rest of us pulled weeds.  Before we knew it, it was time to journal and head home.  It was another successful day in the garden for the Growing Young Gardeners. ~Bonnie Machia  

The Growing Young Gardeners Club is 
collaboration with the Machia Wilderness Camp
and the Burlington Garden Club

Photos by Chloe

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