Sunday, May 10, 2015

Waterfront Diving Center - In Search of Champ

Waterfront Diving Center divers in Burlington, Vermont set out on May 10 in search of Champ, North America's Lock Ness Monster. (At least that is what I like to imagine they were doing.)The search began on Lake Champlain off of Blanchard Beach at Oakledge Park. 

             Not sure this is the best group to seek a sighting of Champ. 
                       They all appear to need / wear glasses. 

With heads down in determination and fortitude; the search begins.


              Step on the small rocks, avoid the big ones, they are slippery and they might be 'ALIVE'.  

                                                Water Astronaut

Come on in, the water is a balmy 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

I can't see my shoelaces to tie them. 

BTV Waterfront from Champ's viewpoint.


Flag, your it.

                                      Dive, Dive, Dive. 

Champ comes up for a look at the latest visitors. 

This Champ doesn't have 'Jaws' like teeth does it?

                                                          Hey, there is like a zillion fish


                           ...its like being in a giant aquarium. 

  Weather spotter. Off duty he is a bean counter. Both important jobs.

Something is pulling at my toes.

Champ attempts a field goal. 

Champ remains elusive.

He got right past us.
Who was supposed to be guarding the goal line?

Seriously though, check out the Waterfront Diving Center in BTV.

                 Champ Look-Out Tower

Champ remains frozen, solid as rock.
It was a very cold winter. 

             Waterfront Boathouse, along the BTV bike path.