Saturday, March 28, 2015

South Burlington, VT Sugaring, Wheeler Nature Park

South Burlington Community Maple Sugaring Day at Wheeler Nature Park.

Walt Poleman from UVM's School of Environment and Natural Resources and his students were at Wheeler Nature Park in South Burlington, Vt. for a two hour "open house" in the sugar bush, leading tours of the woods and demonstrating the sugaring process. 

Walt estimated there are an estimated 80-100 tap-able Sugar Maple trees in the Wheeler Nature Park. He suggested perhaps a partnership of UVM, Common Roots, and City of SB could develop a SB Maple festival of sorts at Wheeler park.

South Burlington photos

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 South Burlington, VT photos

                                                        Sweet and Warm. Would make a good Sauna room.

Brisk north winds and temperatures around 28 F dictated saying near the boiling sap, not just for the sweet savory steam, but also to keep warm.

                                                                        Its so cold my finger tips are turning purple.

                                                                   Mickey Mouse was here.

                                          How does the sap get all the way up there?

                                              The Maple sap is just bursting to get out.

Woodpeckers drilled for Maple Syrup.


                                                   Hot chocolate while we wait on the boiling maple.

Recipe: Boil 40 gallons of Sugar Maple Tree sap inside your home. Results in 1 gallon of Maple syrup, a sweet savory aroma inside your home, and removes any residual wall paper as an added bonus.

  View from Wheeler park, South Burlington, VT.

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