Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Fountain of Youth-Thanksgiving Snow in South Burlington, Vermont

Thanksgiving Snowstorm and Blessing

South Burlington photos

I found the fountain of youth this morning - the newly fallen fresh Vermont snow on Thanksgiving day.

Creme anyone?

Claw tracks?

Time to get out the Black Oil Sunflower seeds. 

Yay Frosty is back!

              Going to need a bigger coffee table for this Yule Tide log. 

                        H A P P Y  T H A N K S G I V I N G

Thanksgiving Prayer

    Thank You Lord                                                                            for the life essentials
we sometimes take for
granted- that so many other
people in the world
lack or struggle to maintain; 

Like clean water

Food for nourishment
Hot baths & showers,
Freedom from persecution
Freedom of choice-where to live,
to shop, to go to school, to travel.

Thank You for the safe environment we live in;               
for health care, for police and fireman, and volunteers.

And Thank You Lord for each other,
family and friends,
for all that makes us each unique and special.

Lord, please help us to appreciate all that you have given us, or helped us achieve; to appreciate the unique strengths and goodness in others and ourselves.

Help us to understand how to enjoy the world we live in
And enjoy life as it unfolds.

Remind us of the value in sharing with others your love, patience, kindness and forgiving nature. 

 God Bless us all, Amen.