Saturday, October 18, 2014

South Burlington, Vermont nature trails - Dumont Park Walk and Talk.

Dumont Park and nature trails, accessible at the end of Iby Street, SB Vermont, is a 7.65 acre undeveloped natural area with an informal network of pedestrian trails and a small parking lot. 

South Burlington Park Walk and Talk
Summer walk photos followed by winter snowshoe photos.



                          We looked around,

                           and we looked up!



                                                                    and Listen

                                       Stop, Look, and Listen because, 


                                                                            There are jewels 
                                                       of all kinds in our woodlands.

                                                                                Fortunately it was a dry rain!                                                                                           

Walk on over!

                                                              You surely will enjoy this park.

More information on this park, the project, (hear from the community, evaluate current conditions, evaluate options for design and boundaries of the park) is available @

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Iby St Park snowshoe hike
Dec 16, 2014

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