Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vermont backyard Spring flowers (&me) selfies. South Burlington, Vermont

                             Crabapple blossom selfie. Pay no attention to the man behind the plants.

Like my hat?

                                                                                     Bumblebee selfie

Every blade of grass wanted its' own selfie. We agreed to a group shot.

Legacy selfie (Generational Martin family flower)

Grandpa, what big purple ears you have. 

What speaks of the fragrance of mothers and grandmothers; what speaks of jumping, and running, and playing in the sun as a child on the first warm day of spring - like lilacs.

 As soon as the weather stays above 50's the mason bees are out and about pollinating flowers - industrious little critters they are. Hope they like their new condos.

Vacancy. Good neighbors-a nuthatch family still brooding in a nearby bird house. 

A combined chirpie / selfie.

Plenty of stuffing available for your bedding and couch.

Indigo Bunting selfie

Cherries for birds and us later this summer. 

No need to wait for this fine delectable. Rhubarb is ready for the pickin and eatin!

As are the chives!

Thinking of letting my mustache grow longer.

Apple blossoms bring beauty, birds and bees.

                                                                      Raspberry plants awaken.
                                                                          No close up, they are shy this early.

 Bad hair day for blackberry plants -
         they took a hard hit this winter.

Tulips have short arms - selfie cut short

We can do our own selfie, Thank You. 

The lion of flowers. Ain't she dandy.

                          Remember when kids went outside to play.

                                                 Peek - a - boo

                                                                  Tu lips like strawberry wine. 

Flowering Quince

Lucky selfie

                                                      Bleeding Heart - the plant selfie, not mine.

Tree hugging time.

                                                                Nutty Selfie (Hazlenut)

                                                         HOSTA vista, baby.

May nature shine on your selfie. 

Recommended native plants (to attract butterfly's) by state.
                                                         Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center.

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