Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vermont backyard flowers June 2013

                                                                           bubble, bubble, bubble... Pool Time.

            Hey Granpa, "Vermont strawberries are (even) red inside"
 says my young grandson.

Moonlight in Vermont

Wild and Free 

Grass, simple grass, beautiful, calming, fertile.

                                Early rising Sunflower.

HOSTA Vista Baby

                                                        Welcome to Nature. A Chapel to many.

                                                                  Resilient flower.

                                                            Bells of St Marys?
                                                                 No, just the bells of a Vermont backyard garden.

 Bless this Garden,
Bless all that is Nature
Bless all creatures who live in our outdoor natural world
Bless all who cherish, enjoy, protect
that which is natural world.

... on a Horse with no name.

 Eye and nose candy

                                                   Now grandson, pay attention
                                                     this is how we collect pollen.

                                                        Makes me hungry for a orange Creamsicle.

                                                                                               Come hither.

                                                                                             Pointing the way for near-sighted bees.

                                                                               Blowin in the wind.

                                                          Gosh son, you've grown so tall,
                                                                your head is in the clouds.

                                                                             Poppy goes the Weasel.

Open Cargo bay II

                                                                 Iris, I just love your purple earrings.

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