Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowshoeing, Centennial Brook, South Burlington, VT

Snowshoeing the nature trails along Centennial Brook.

 Nemo's little brother dropped about a foot of welcomed snow in the Champlain Valley burying most of the littered trash. Later trash & pickers join pickup artist for coffee waiting for snow-melt. In the meantime blue sky and quiet woods offer wonderful snowshoeing.

                                          Wonder who or what I might meet up with.

                                          Even the trees are losing their hair-now I don't feel so alone.

                                                                Nature's streetlights


                                                     Lake effect - snow waves.

                                                         Curly q's

                                                              Nature's feather dusters.

Pick Up Litter wherever you see it.
 Keep our environment clean and trash free.

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