Monday, January 7, 2013

Clean City: Litter Clean Up Advocacy Objectives. Bernie Paquette

Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.

Measurable Outcomes Desired

What does Litter with a story to tell do?

I write and publish (within my blog and 2 local newspapers) short stories (and photos) reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean, inspiring people to maintain a litter free environment.

 The Goal: eradicate litter in the community. 

Objectives include a focus on litter picking throughout the year by citizens, businesses, non profits, and students.

I am also an activator, so I write proposals, share anti-litter thoughts-ideas, and provide tangible  justifications. If given the opportunity to share, I would meet other like minded folks in an open, comfortable environment to discuss litter reduction and eradication ideas.


Caring- Protecting the environment through litter eradication- for the good of people and nature’s wildlife.

Community – Promoting public landscape cleanliness.  

Contribution – Encouraging responsibility amongst individuals and organizations through the social service of litter picking /litter cleanup throughout the year.

My stories address the goal and objectives through rational (mind), emotional (heart), and cultural (movement). The stories use humor, imagery, educational data, and humanistic connectedness.
My blog provides resources of data, references to others with similar interests, and inspirational references in the form of white papers, videos, songs, tweets, and other social media related to the anti litter campaign.

*Measurable outcomes desired

 1a. (Create a) Brand litter picking as self-rewarding, social service, meaningful and practical way to help restore Earth one community at a time. Brand: Identifies core values, creates a vision of a unique identity, and personality, and represents ideas and beliefs- inspiring a culture of caring for Earth for the good of people and natures wildlife. Expand on Logo: Litter is an All-Season Sport; drop a piece and you lose a point. Pick up a piece, and you gain a point.
*De-stigmatize Litter Picking.

 1b. Marketing: Draft non-profits, retailers, citizens, students to create their own way to help eradicate litter in their community through year round actions. Expand my outreach to socially conscious stakeholders. How do I highlight problem & opportunities, and invoke a desire for deeper problem solving discussions.  

1c. Influence a large group of people to view and take action towards litter eradication (and limiting littering behavior) on a 365 view vs one day a year. (Vermont has a well-established, popular, and immense participation in Green Up Day, on first week of May whereby folks canvas their communities and pick up litter.) How to articulate a repeatable and effective way to breed (in your blood culture for cleanliness) an attitude of intolerance of litter and motivate self conducted and organized group clean up actions – 365?

Design (new Litter Picking) experiences as humanistic rewarding social service. Human centered design for people who are service oriented, socially consicous and concerned with the health of our planet and all life on earth. (Identify the need and experience they are looking for and design around it/them). Help people recognize the community/global service they provide by litter picking. (Aesthetics, Moral and Pollution harm caused by litter.)

Same design effort could be applied to litter prevention by studying people's behavior when they litter.


  1.   The behavior you are trying to change OR the knowledge, belief, attitude, social
          expectation or skill related to the behavior you are trying to change             
  2.   Your target audience – who you are trying to change
  3.   How much change you expect to get
  4.   Over what period you expect to get it 
Greater recovery of littered items from public and business places as well as litter reduction.

Litter prevention

At the end of the program, location users will demonstrate (1) a reduction in littering behavior and (2) improved (correct) use of litter and recycling bins. They will also demonstrate an improvement in their attitudes to (1) the importance of keeping the location clean and (2) their personal sense of responsibility to bin rubbish appropriately. These changes will be maintained for 6 months.

Outcome or metric to gauge success

      Brand creation with differentiation, uniqueness, that relates to socially conscious people through rational, cultural and emotional dimensions. Ability to link brand creation to increased outreach- people interested in the litter eradication mission. My strategy is to engage with others, brainstorm ideas, then have them prioritize (and see a link to their business/or cause, or values) and create their own unique contribution towards litter eradication.  I hope to use branding as an enticement. 

Marketing: Performance metric= newly created anti litter actions by other individuals or groups that were initiated by the brand. (My role is to initiate interest, discussion, and brainstorming and or provide resources).  

Influence: Assess stakeholder’s behaviors that I am trying to alter and understand which actions can alter these behaviors. (With a focus on 1. retailers/businesses, 2. non-profits, 3. students).

What is my most pressing online marketing question/issue/need?

How do I market to businesses, non-profits, citizens, and students to supplement my desired goals/objectives? My strategy is to engage with others, brainstorm ideas, then have them prioritize and see a link to their business/or cause, or values and the goal of litter eradication-with a focus on year round clean up.

My objective: Have others create their own unique contribution towards litter eradication throughout the year.
How do I go about creating a Litter Picking brand that will help me reach my goals and objectives?

2013 Mantra: Litter Picking: For the Community, for Earth, For all of Earth's Living Creatures.