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Halloween Bike Ride, Burlington, Vermont. 2012

Third  ~Burlington, Vermont ~ Annual  

 Halloween Ride  

2012 event photos

   Shared Streets   


 Scared Streets  

125 photos   2012 Halloween Bike Ride   Hundreds in costumes
Halloween Bike Ride (see 125 photos) Sunday, October 28th: Shared Streets Not Scared Streets
Hundreds of riders, including Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger, CEDO Director Peter Owens and Parks and Recreation Director Jesse Bridges, joined in a rolling Halloween costume party!
The police-escorted parade began at City Hall Park at 2PM, winded through downtown and the Old North End, and ended with a Halloween-themed party at Maglianero Cafe, 47 Maple St.

Thanks to the Burlington Bike Walk Council, the BTV Bicycle Cluster and Maglianero Cafe with help from Local Motion, and generously supported by premier sponsor Old Spokes Home.

Creating Community- Community is not static. We need to develop, seek, and nourish community.
Join planet beneficial and non-exclusive activities like litter picking (AND HALLOWEEN BIKE RIDES) that in turn develop community. I stopped to pick up a few "spoke" laminated Halloween Ride cards that fell off folks bikes and happily saw a woman stop and circle back to pick up a drink bottle that had fallen off a bike.  Bernie

P.S. if anyone wants their picture removed, email me (or post a comment on this posting) and I will remove it. If anyone is in any way offended by my attempt at humor (text next to pictures), please let me know and I will remove the offending script.

                         Some came dressed for the occasion and some just came for a little shmoozing.

                                                                 So where's Waldo?

Hold on to the ballons..... read why here -                                                            

      Re-Use is the name of the game. Last years Maple Syrup tubing is this years Halloween costume.

                                                                                  He swore he was not Burger King's McBurglar.

 Even birds know the joy of biking.

                                                                                                   Passing on your left mom!

    Some families brought their pets with them. Hmm! Rabbitdeer? And is that a troll on the back or      just a youngun in bad need of a haircut?

She turned her mother into a butterfly. Isn't that sweet?
The mean boy next door got turned into a toad.  

                                                                     Too Much Red Bull?

                                                                       This devil smiles upon you.

Darn, a toll bridge. Somebody go back and get a shit-load of dimes.                                                  

                                                           I'm tellin ya, my GPS says "Just follow the Yellow Brick Road."
Where's the Mayor? Hey Mayor Weinberger, I hope the vote fore the bike path goes thru...
Cause the Yellow Brick road just ain't cuttin it!

Christmas came early to BTV. Everyone parked their cars and rode their bikes. * except one person-see right side, middle of picture-who rode their bike ON THEIR CAR. Oh well 99.999% ain't bad.

Some came prepared for "SANDY"

                                       I need to catch up with Batman
                                                and warn him about White Nose Syndrome.

                                               Some were more serious about the bike ride than others.
Just the same everyone had fun..... I think.

             The police and fire dept helped keep us safe! Thumbs Up to all of them and the volunteers!

                                    Don't litter, cause it is harmful to the environment, to nature's critters and to us.
                                              Besides, if I catch you doing that nasty behavior I will tell your mama!

Dad, you were worried about me getting lost in the crowd of bikers;
I think mom is trailing...Hurry up mom, just one more mile to Maglianero's
for coffee.

 Its all down hill from here.


If you think this guy chasing after you is scary, ck out his look alike on this short You Tube video. (Caution this short video might be offensive to some people). 
Monster tackles litterers. 

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle,
I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
                                                                                                   H. G. Wells

I must say that I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book. Groucho Marx

Darth unveiled
Halloween Bike Ride - Part of our attempt to renew Human Connection!

     More Superheros - show their extraordinary mobility skills    Without Fossil Fuels.

                                           Superman and The Green Hornet?

Spiderman and Spiderman Jr.                                                                                 


                                                              Wind and Wing Energy


                                                                                  Ghost Whisperer? 


Some folks came along for the ride-letting others do the pedalling.

Broom powered for extra umph! 

CSR: Corporate Social Responsiblity
 Use my Clean Up Coupon at your local store to tell them you want them to help keep Your community clean.

      The Ninjas are back.

                                Don't look behind you; Lake Champlain's Jaws is closing fast.

The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine. ~John Howard  

After Ride Party @ Maglianero 

        Give it here Sir Lancelot the Brave-Knight.  Fred Flintstone knows how to sharpen a knife.

            Gotta love the "handlebars"!

                                                     Burlington Mayor Weinberger




 Bike to get Ahead

 Old Spokes and New Spokes - Keep those wheels a'turnin!



Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There's something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym. ~ Bill Nye the Science Guy

                                               Can she reach the pedals?

                          Audience was judging the best of costume.......




                                                                 *See notations at bottom for photos by Ben Sarle and others.


Business oppty? Bike-a-meal? Restaraunts connecting with bikers! 

Young Spokes at heart!


And so the Burlington Annual Halloween Bike Ride......

                                                                                                              rolls away till next year.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, or whatever method you use to choose; Choose Bicycling!

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New Data shows where Americans bike to work:
Growth in cycling is far more noticeable in some areas than others. The League of American Bicyclists found a particularly sharp increase in bicycle commuting over the decade for cities receiving its “Bicycle Friendly Community” designation...“The places that are making investments in cycling have seen dramatic growth,” Flusche said.

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