Thursday, June 24, 2010

Litter picking is an All Season Sport - New Years Litter Clean Up resolutions. South Burlington, Vermont

As a Vermont, USA, Earth resident concerned with our interaction with nature in an urban environment I write a monthly column titled "Green & Clean" or "Litter with stories to tell".

Vermont winter’s give us time to reflect and plan. It is so much easier to dream of all the things we are going to accomplish this year when actually doing the things is months away. Yet vision takes both dreams and action. Now is a great time to dream about a Green and Clean Litter Free City of South Burlington and to plan the actions that will fulfill that dream. So grab your walking stick, a package of flower seeds and some flower bulbs, maybe a bare root tree or two, and of course don’t forget to bring along a couple of small grocery bags to pick up any trash seen on the way. Come along to meander in my New Year’s Green and Clean resolutions.

My Green and Clean Litter Free New Year’s resolutions:

1. Rally for a November Fall Litter harvest day to mirror Green Up Day in May.

2. Write a litter nursery rhyme to help grow the Green Up spirit early.

3. Catalog all species of litter (field guide) before any of them become extinct.

4. Answer the question “Why do people litter?)

5. Combine Easter egg hunts with litter treasure hunts. Maybe hide a golden apple somewhere in the city litter.

6. Write an essay on litter-the man made invasive species.

7. Write an essay on how litter helped bring down ancient Rome.

8. Organize a litter anonymous chapter.

9. Organize a hooked on litter (removal) chapter.

10. Endorse ‘coffee for less’ on proprietary refillable cups. Think discounts at all participating coffee take out businesses in South Burlington.

11. Seek sponsorships for Saturday litter round ups. (Litter rodeos)

12. Plant shrubs and trees in our urban landscape.

13. Provide simple tree care tips for public and business use.

14. Design litter meters. Think red, amber, and green alerts.

15. Offer a litter clean up contest throughout the year recognizing: A. Most improved neighborhood or street. B. 10, 25 and 50-bag litter pick up pin awards.

16. Recognize and promote volunteers individuals, organizations, and businesses who find creative ways to green up and clean up our city year round.

17. Seek historical accounts from residents on topics like “Litter free America when I was a kid”.

18. Drive a petition to require one flower bulb planting for every ‘vote for me’ political sign. Imagine how beautiful the roads would be in the spring.

19. Begin a list of Green and Clean job (volunteer) opportunities.

20. Network with others also interested in developing a model of fun, socially oriented activities. The goal of which is maintaining a Green and Clean urban environment.