Sunday, August 30, 2015

Growing Young Gardeners - Heavy Harvest

South Burlington, VT Photos -Growing Young Gardeners 

Wheeler Community Gardens, SB VT

The Growing Young Gardeners Club met for the twelfth session at Wheeler Park on 1100 Dorset Street in South Burlington, Vermont on August 29, 2015. 

Today's session was like a summer Easter egg hunt, only for ripe vegetables. 175 lbs donated to the food shelf by GYG this season. 

The Growing Young Gardeners Club is 
collaboration with the Machia Wilderness Camp
and the Burlington Garden Club

Hey, you have a spider on your shirt. 

After eleven weeks of gardening, 
these young gardeners 
have a few stories to tell. 

And some of the stories
 are quite funny. 

There is great joy to be had 
in transferring knowledge, 
in sharing new discoveries,
in working hard, than reaping
the rewards of that hard work -

Faith, determination, perseverance 
and nurturing to others, 
these are the qualities 
of a growing young gardeners 

Who doesn't like vegetables?

Sure I will try a string bean-
hey you never know I might like'em.

                                                                                       Nature's Art 

                                                                     Young Gardener's Art

Sunshine and Smiles 
help the garden 
and the young gardeners

Encouragement builds confidence.
Humor makes it a joy to try. 

                                           Laugh, Dream, Try, and Do-good!                                                                           ~Bernie

Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community.  

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