Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day gift to his son

A few years back shortly after my dad died I found I needed to walk and think or maybe more to not think. I walked along the ocean beach in Carlsbad California,  barefoot. Not intending to go very far, I walked, and walked and walked. I began to wonder what city I was in, so headed up the cliffs to a park to find out. I than noticed my feet - naked feet were blistering and decided to start hobbling back on a narrow trail atop the cliffs overlooking the ocean. My shoe-less feet were really hurting, when I came upon a pair of tattered Gilligan Island type of canvas sneakers-just my size. Sometimes picking up litter pays dividends in ways not expected. Maybe they were a gift from Dad, him knowing how I would have my eye out for litter!
Happy Fathers Day Dad.