Saturday, August 22, 2015

CityFest 2015 - 150th Anniversary of South Burlington VT. Photos

South Burlington VT photos -CityFest, SB 150 year anniversary celebration.  

CityFest 2015 Photos - 
150th Anniversary of
South Burlington, VT.
Celebrating Community.
 (2nd set of photos). 

Look, South Burlington is celebrating their 150th birthday

That is one big birthday hat.


Building Community, one member with another.


Plenty of high fives to go around.


                                It was a beautiful and hot day.
Everybody found their own way to cool down. 

Some are more camera shy than others.

Photographers are always behind the scenes.

Smile, you are on Candid Camera.

Hey, can you come out of that bag to play?



Mom, can we trade this one in for that one?

I      got     it. 

Piece of cake.


Thank You SB Rotary, City of SB employees, and the SB CityFest Sponsors.
List of sponsors copied from The Other Paper
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