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South Burlington, VT. issue #5 Photos

South Burlington, Vermont 
Chamberlin neighborhood 
Walk Around The Block Series. 

Every neighborhood has a story. This 'SB Walk Around the Block' series is an attempt to capture some of the essence of our South Burlington community.

June 14, 2015 Issue #5

The theme in this fifth in the series, is Flag Day.

The week leading up to Flag Day, June 14, many folks had their flags proudly flying in the breeze and many folks were out walking, and playing at the park, and biking in their Chamberlin neighborhood. There was even a bit of romance in the air. 

South Burlington VT photos

                     Gardening discussions carried the day. 

Even the flowers were visiting with their neighbors. 

                                                                                     Can you hold that pose?

                                             Flowers located behind the airport.

Bearly enough time to get all the garden chores tended to.

Red, White, and Blue, says I Love You. 

I took a walk (and bike ride) around the blockand what did I see,more than I could imagine,nearly everything but the sea;the folks I met made me happy as can be,telling me stories, and visiting real neighborly.

The gardens were growing; flowers were blooming;
children and parents were walking, running, biking, swinging and tossing a ball.

Our American flag rippled gently in the breeze good-naturedly.
Flag Day was fun, in our South Burlington Chamberlin neighborhood, for one and for all. 

Happy Flag Day, and may your gardens grow like weeds. 



One small step for man, one giant step....

Pac-Man, is that you?

Rhubarb-yum, yum.

Kid's helicopters

South Burlington residents will do anything to save energy. Mini wind power.

You are not as energy efficient as I am. 

Green colored glass(es)

Down by the South Burlington Sea Shore.

They are all in the pool. 

The Essex floats over South Burlington. 

If you don't close your mouth, you are going to end up swallowing a fly.

We are South Burlington, Vt. 
    A Different Place, Altogether.

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Bernie resides in SB, Vermont
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