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Growing Young Gardeners Club: Hands and Seed(lings) Meet Soil.

Growing Young Gardeners Club.

Hands and Seed(lings) Meet Soil.  

     The Growing Young Gardeners Club met for the first time at Wheeler Park at 1100 Dorset Street in South Burlington, Vermont on May 28, 2015. 


The Growing Young Gardeners Club is collaboration with the Machia Wilderness Camp and the Burlington Garden Club. The Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont funded the seeds planted.  

The first step a child takes to becoming a lifelong gardener may well be when he traces a small furrow in the earth with his finger, and carefully places seeds within, covering them, pushing his new knowledge into the soil along with the seeds.

Getting your hands dirty is a fun part of gardening

Bonnie Machia reported on the first week activities. 

     Jan DeSarno (Burlington Garden Club) gave a show and tell of the process of preparing potatoes to plant. 

     Hands and Seed(lings) Meet Soil. 

     The gardeners, ages five years old through twelve years old, (along with a two year old gardening guest) planted potatoes, Onions - green and red, Squash - yellow crook neck and butternut, watermelon, fennel (the feathery stuff), broccoli, and two kinds of string beans. The younger children, nine year olds and younger, had a parent or grandparent with them to help. 

     The young gardeners are doing an experiment with the green onions. After finding onions left over in the garden from last year, they reclaimed the leftovers by removing the outer rotten layers down to the white center with the green top. The young gardeners planted those not knowing what they will get at the end of the summer; so we will watch how they grow and learn what happens in the second year of an onion plant.  

     A few days later on the second day of planting, two young garden club members who did not make it on the 28th, planted corn, pak choi, and tomatoes


How large will your planted produce grow?

The next “Growing Young Gardeners” will be Thurs., June 18 from 10 – 12n and will meet onThursdays through the summer. Contact Bonnie Machia @ marilynmachia@comcast(dot)net for enrollment and other Young Gardeners Club information. 

We are South Burlington, Vt. 
    A Different Place, Altogether.

Click here to view issue # 1 Introduction to  Growing Young Gardeners. (Introduction to the Growing Young Gardeners Club). 

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