Tuesday, June 30, 2015

South Burlington, VT. Backyard Flowers in June

     Well, its a wrap. June brought us the start of summer, yet June herself has departed. Watering the vegetable and flower gardens was no chore this June (Over 8.6 inches of rainfall on BTV in June). 

     The colors of our backyard flowers vary week to week as lilacs and others burst out, then fade away as fast as the hot air balloons quietly sailing over us on warm summer nights.

     View some of our June visitors and flowers including: Conjoined twins, a wise sage, and our favorite berry. 

Also see a bird that rented from us and became my new alarm clock, a bed of onions already bringing me tears of joy and a baby Blue Jay anxious for its tail feathers to grow. Lastly see one of the hot air balloons riding overhead taking in all of the beautiful backyard flowers in South Burlington, VT.  

Summer is revealing, summer is boastful,
if its the heat you are feeling,
remember February when zero was the ceiling;
admire the flowers especially if they are local (native). 

Backyard flowers, South Burlington, VT, June 2015.

South Burlington, VT flower photos

Waving Hello, while holding hands and walking in the rain. 

Sage, strawberries, and asparagus

Come all ye Monarchs

Conjoined twins

Single stem, two flower heads.

First cherry on one of the cherry bushes.


From the inside out or the outside in?