Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Day_For whom does your heart go out to?

Valentine's Day is coming soon! For whom does your heart go out to in response to  their litter clean up actions?

A big thank you to our lovely staff members who clean up our parking lot each day!  City Market, BTV

My heart goes to Mr. Pete Seeger for all the things he stood up for but also for cleaning up the Hudson River. Alex Simon

To my grandma,

 for always picking up litter when she could and sending me off to clean up the neighborhood at an early age! 
Carolyn: Oceanwildthings

VT'ers seem to be tidy folks. My heart goes out to all who care enough to pick up litter whenever they see it.  Route 802

                                                                         Keep VT Green & Clean

How could we possibly choose! 

Our heart goes to any Cincinnati resident that picks up litter + takes pride in their city!  Keep Cinci beautiful.


These kids ->


Keep VA beautiful

To the woman today, 
don't know her name, she missed the bin, then tried again.
Sheila White, Toronto

Our (PA Resources Council) heart goes out to, @VTLitterStories  @AlleghenyCW,   @BeautifulPHL

Our heart goes out to all the fantastic volunteers and activists making a difference.

Great idea, believe it or not my birthday is Valentine's Day. 
A few million more Daily Litter Walkers would really help too.
Robin Roberts:Lean and Clean.

Well, my heart goes out to YOU for starters!

 These worldwide litter pickers melt my heart: …

Museum of Litter Sharon

Loads of people pick up rubbish without anyone noticing. To every one of my unsung fellow Crap Fairies: THANK YOU! :o)
Erica Rose  The Crap Fairy

Stay tuned. There are sooo many awesome Earth Warriors  who help keep our planet clean, green & litter free! :) 
                              Litter Free Planet

Valentine's Day is coming soon! For whom does your heart go out to in response to  their litter clean up actions?
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Love where you live,

Love whom you love,

Love even if love is a one way street;
for what goes down the street must come back

the other way at some point.