Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vermont printable Coupon. Petition for Clean storefronts. South Burlington, Vermont

Clean up coupon designed in Vermont, redeemable anywhere on Earth, any store or business where you see littered trash. Online printable Clean up green Coupons @ https://sites.google.com/site/litterwithastorytotell/clean-up-coupon  
(after going to the coupon web site, page, click on print, select landscape style, then print)
People want companies to help solve social problems. Littered trash is a detriment to both the economy and health of our community. Businesses can help eradicate litter-a social problem important to both parties.  

Litter attracts more litter. A few pieces of litter left on the ground will allow others to feel comfortable throwing down more litter. A successful business knows litter on the storefront is not a welcoming image. 
Store owners and managers will you pledge to keep your parking lot, green space, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas around your  shop clean, including by assigning employees to tidy up on a scheduled basis at least once a day?
I Believe businesses must constantly earn the valuable ‘Clean’ branding that Vermont conveys. According to The VERMONT Brand, a study by O’Neil Strategy Group, a brand is a set of strong associations people have with a product, place or service. These associations are really expectations people have for that product, place or service.  Help your business and our community shine by continually earning the Green and Clean reputation of Vermont.
Residents, use the printable clean up coupon at stores where you see litter accumulating on the storefront, parking lot or green space. Remind businesses of their shared responsibility to maintain a clean community year round. Your voice is a powerful agent for action. Redeem at any store where you see littered trash. "... {O]ne of the most potent behaviors for driving change is influencing people to speak up about a previously emotionally or politically risky issue." From the book Influencer

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Clean Up Coupon 
CITIZEN: Present to the local retailer of your choice.
Retailer: There is littered trash on your storefront. I am confident you will take action to clean up this blight and restore your welcome mat to its finest image.
The community and your patrons will thank you for cleaning up the litter on your store frontage including parking area, sidewalk, greenbelt, and roadside.
Please consider this clean up request redeemable / actionable on a weekly or even daily basis. Help yOUR shopping district remain CLEAN and inviting 365 days a year.
Elect clean storefronts; it is a matter of community pride. Moreover, it is a matter of differentiation for your business.   
Printable Coupon @ https://sites.google.com/site/litterwithastorytotell/clean-up-coupon  
Made (Designed) in Vermont, USA
(after going to the coupon web site, page, click on print, select landscape style, then print)

View UnLitterUs Philly Heroes video about keeping a neighborhood clean @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKpkk7It7CM&feature=youtu.be

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