Saturday, October 12, 2013

South Burlington Fire Prevention Day - SBFD

SB Fire Prevention Day October 2015

Rubber chucks inserted under car to stabilize-
minimize movement of injured person.

One fireman talks to injured person to let them know
 what is happening and to re-assure them. 
( given the noise of the machinery, breaking glass etc.)

Covering the fire with a lid in order to extinguish the pan fire.

Adding water to a pan (grease) fire, not a good idea. 

A PASS - Alert FD, then take fire extinguisher and PULL the pin, AIM the hose at the (base of) fire, Squeeze, and Sweep.

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---------SB Fire Prevention Day October 2013---------   

Along with fire trucks, fireman hats were the staple of the day at South Burlington's community open house  at station #1, providing fire safety education, and prevention tips.

Hot Dogs abound

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