Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vermont foliage, mid October - Crayola colored leaves. South Burlington, Vermont

Vermont fall foliage photos Oct 15, South Burlington, Vermont near BTV airport.
No need to bring your crayons, Vermont supplies all the colors.
Images of Vermont fall foliage; color abound in the trees and on the ground. 
 All captions are direct quotes from the trees.

Nothing like walking hand in hand down a Vermont lane in the fall.

Vermont may not have orange trees but it sure has ORANGE.

No need to bring your crayons, Vermont supplies all the colors

Nature displays art - Made in Vermont with Solar Power!

Colored leaves are as beautiful on the ground as they are in the trees.

Before and after

                                                             Before and after; half-way there.

                                                               Don't worry, I've got you, I won't let you fall.

Autumn Christmas tree with decorations

                                                                                                             First-base catchers mitt.


                                                         Sweating the hard work of colorification

Images enticing you to put on your mud boots and splash about.

Pull up a chair, sit a while.

                                                                     Cover up and stay close, it is going to get cold soon.

                                                                                             Took the red-eye into BTV

                                                Staircase to heaven

                                 Tear drops from the evergreens- sad to see their friends leave.

Leaf graveyard headstones

1920' Flapper dresses back in style

                                                         First come kisses, than spore-bearing.

Mom, will I be pretty like you when I grow up?
You already are dear, you already are.

Which color shall I choose to be?

Your my best'est friend ever.

 Hitching a ride

 Thanks for coloring Vermont beautiful!

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