Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vermont Flowers & Veges - August

Sometimes the bees are so loaded with yellow pollen one can hardly see their body.
 Makes me wonder how they can fly with all that cargo.  








Jewelweed. Bees nearly disappear into the trumpet like flowers.



                                                                Treats for the birds.

 From picking the harvest

  to preparing

and canning

                                                                        to making blackberry cobbler.

 Thank You Barbara for each step, painful (thorn scratches) and labor intensive; your loving and creative hands bring us the best homemade jams and desserts.


 Tried many different Heirloom tomatoes and peppers this year as well as the small sweet 100's.


Glad for sunshine and Gladiolas.  



























Soon the trees will be showing their colors.

              Compost for next years gardens.

                                              Flowers are turning to seed
                                               in preparation for next years colorful displays.


                                       Grass is getting mighty tall, yet I am not inclined to mow, instead...

                                                                  I think I will take this fellow's advice...

 and bike over to Lake Champlain for a swim and a Creemee.

Then on the way home, a stop at Beansies bus for the best summer fries around.

Post update: Enjoyed seeing the stone cairns at Waterfront park along the shoreline. See photos here
Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Vermont backyard in August.