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South Burlington, VT Spooks Up for Halloween amidst blood red Foliage

South Burlington, VT Halloween photos

Walking in the South Burlington VT Chamberlin neighborhood in mid October is best done during daylight hours. Goblins and ghosts know well - sunset brings out spooks and haunts, ghosts and goblins, shadows and even deeper shadows of darkness. With Halloween approaching, spirits become anxious and restless.

Why even houses have been known to disappear in this fine neighborhood. Nearly a one is left standing near the ancient Eldridge Cemetery.

So visit this beautiful friendly neighborhood during the daytime for after sunset shutters close, door locks snap, and the leaves dare not flutter or even fall to the ground- for those that do, instantly turn blood red

                              Images for Halloween Vermont taken 10/19 & 10/24- 2015 in Chamberlin neighborhood, South Burlington, VT.

Stay close as evening approaches. 
Danger lurks in the shadows.

Centennial Brook is said to cast off a phosphorous mist
and the water turns lime green after dark.

These leaves were green until they
 rested overnight on the blood curdling grounds. 

Walk with CAUTION

OH I get it.
They squashed him,
turned him into pumpkin pie,
then ate him.
Ha, Ha. that is hilarious. 

South Burlington, VT Spooks up for Halloween.
The Chamberlin neighborhood may have lost houses, however the neighborhood  retained community spirit.

Give me five, or twenty
Keep the change. 

Don't be busting my pumpkins.

Occupation - Headhunter

Be careful where you step,
who knows whom lies underneath. 

Is that a finger poking through?

Bug-Eyed foliage blindness.

Sure they like you for your looks now.
Wait till you get our age.
They will rake you up,
and throw you in the compost bin.

Blue and yellow makes green.
It just takes a while.

Forbidden Fruit
You've been warned.

Man eating plant.
Place finger on window.
If it spits your finger out,
you get to keep the rest of them.

My Halloween mask
to go with my skeleton apparel.

Can you guess which one is Grumpy?


Yes officer. The driver's name is Jimmy Hoffa.
No we have not seen him.
We found his truck overturned,
and lots of spilled cement.
But no Jimmy. 

Don't be messin' with my stash of catnip.

Streets paved with gold,
yellow, orange, & red.

Reached into the wrong
Halloween candy bag last year.

How much longer I gotta wait
 for Halloween candy?

The flowers are for you,

Mr. and Mrs. Arachnid come to visit.

Honey, will you open the window please.
Our company should be here for dinner any minute now.
They told me they really like you
and they are very hungry.

Is this the Pumpkin Ball?

It could have been worse.
I could have flown into a brick wall. 

OK so when do the pumpkins turn into horses?

Casper's House.
He is friendly -
but look out for his cousins.

I don't care if it is not Halloween night yet;
I am holding my breath until you give
me some candy.

The house number was 666,
however no one would come in,
so we changed it to 319.
Trick or Treat!

No bones about it.
These folks are ready for

Geez brother, are you
sure you are one of us?
You are nothing but skin and bones.

The witch,
she done shrunk me. 

These pumpkins
Oh My!

Oh what tangled web we weave.

Hey, what are you complaining about?
At least you have
two eyes.

Foliage house

Is this the Orange picking place?

Do Vermonters make Birch Beer?

Come here.
Let me give you a hug. 

Dressed for a VT Halloween.
Witches tie their ribbons
round old electric fences.

Felix and Casper.
Married 47 years.

Tree tied to a ghost.

Haunted house for little people.

Pot Head

Whoa! That VT Birch Beer packs a punch. 

                           We pause this Halloween Special for a short Foliage break.

Junior tree - 1st time showing her colors.
I give her an A+

                              Now back to our regularly scheduled program - SB Spooks up for Halloween.

Come nightfall these guys promise
to only scare you
a 'little' bit.

These boots were made for walking
and thats just what they'll do.
They ain't going anywhere.

Willie Nelson Trick or Treating 

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS (alias Sparky)

Even pumpkins get the blues.
Fortunately Halloween trick or treating cheers them right up. 

Wait, come back.
You haven't got your Halloween Candy yet.

May your trick or treaters
leave you with a smile
as they lower your 
candy pile.

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