Friday, October 9, 2015

South Burlington, VT flowers-August

South Burlington, VT flower photos

Flowers in our South Burlington, Vermont backyard during August 2015.


The Evans Cherry also sold under the name 'Bali' is a  sour cherry (Prunus cerasuscultivar Origin - an old orchard near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1923 or earlier. (Wikipedia)
Much sweeter than other sour cherries.


About a dozen Asparagus plants
 scattered about the backyard.

                        Third year trying to grow sweet peppers. Finally success. Eating mucho amount of peppers (mostly uncooked) Aug-Oct.
These are rip when deep purple, nearly black.
Not shown here, but the orange peppers
 were as sweet as candy. 

Six loads of wood chips used for mulch.

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