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South Burlington, VT. issue #4 Photos

South Burlington, Vermont Chamberlin,              A Walking Neighborhood 

Walk Around The Block Series. 

June 6, 2015 Issue #4

South Burlington, Green and Clean. Pull up a chair. Welcome!

The theme in this fourth of the series, is biking, and walking and of course the many special features of this lovely neighborhood: flowers, front yard vegetable gardens, photogenic dogs and cats, welcoming yards with chairs and benches, flags and banners, and did I mention flowers, flowers, flowers-pinks, reds, yellow, and lots of purple. This and an occasional sleeping lawn mower, along with bikers and walkers.

Also, check out some of the local neighborhood businesses that fit in so quietly and unobtrusively into the residential area that they enhance instead of detract from the feeling of community.

These photos, this neighborhood speaks many languages however, the most common is "Welcome". In addition, the most common architecture is one that exudes pride in residency and common community. Simple yet creative touches add unique beauty and enhancement to nearly every home frontage.

Enjoy the photos, yes. However, it would be a shame not to experience firsthand the beauty encountered from a walk around the block in your Chamberlin neighborhood.  As the banner of one resident reads "Welcome Friends!"

What are you waiting for - get on your bike or simply take a walk. What have you driven by (in a car) so many times, but not seen? I hope the photos entice you to see more for yourself.

We are South Burlington VT. A Different Place, Altogether. Be proud of your neighborhood, and your neighbors. You have good reason to be so.

Caring, contribution and meeting each other, build community!


2,22 flowers- count 'em.
South Burlington, VT photos
Lost count on this one. 

Even the trees are flowering. 

Its vege gardening time.

Hosta necklace. 

Be at peace by your garden. 

Look up. Sunshine is coming on. 

Multitude of green fingers waving hello, welcome neighbor. 

Ok, I must confess, for some of the Walk Around the Block series, I rode my bike and stopped to take photos. Guess I should call it the Bike and Walk around the block!

Great day for a walk. 

Every neighborhood has a story. This 'SB Walk Around the Block' series is an attempt to capture some of the essence of our South Burlington community.

 We are South Burlington, VT.
 A Different Place, Altogether. 

Red Clover

Now that is my kind of lawn.

Sleeping lawn mowers are the best!

Wedding bells.

Born to ride.

A neighborhood in transition.

The race is on. 


Did you bring me a snack?

Vege aisle.

Some birds are natural home decorators.

Hey, how about a treat for me too?

All Flags Day

Caged, but content. 

               And welcome to South Burlington, home of the Burlington Airport.
Slides presented by Arnett Muldrow and Associates to help SB build recognition of its identity as part of the Vermont region.

The birds have the cat surrounded. 

Little Bo peep lost her sheep but found a wonderful garden and bench. 

No State Funding!

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Bernie resides in SB, Vermont
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