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South Burlington, VT. photos Flowering Crab-apple Trees.

 South Burlington, Vermont   neighborhood 

   Walk Around The Block Series-Chamberlin.  

May 12, 2015.
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The crab-apple trees are a bloom in different shades of red, pink and white in the Chamberlin neighborhood in South Burlington, VT. 

     Every neighborhood has a story. This 'SB Walk Around the Block' Series will try to capture some of the essence of our South Burlington community.

 Caring, contribution and meeting each other, build community!  ~Bernie

Issue #1, May 12 update - Chamberlin neighborhood.

                                                                Smile and watch the birdie.

                                           Grandpa, the bird has a yellow shirt just like me. 

South Burlington VT photos

South Burlington, VT.
A Different Place, Altogether.

We are South Burlington, Vermont
A Different Place, Altogether. 

May 5 Chamberlin neighborhood Spring updates:

Meet Cynthia (Cindy) Kirby Rd SB resident and her son Jason's new dog.

                                              Very friendly, very soft - beautiful dog with cat like feet.

And just around the corner on Queensbury Rd, Mark is sprouting some tulips and some cairns

     Rock on Mark. The rock sculptures and the flowers are a Chamberlin neighborhood spring delight. 

                                                   She was slow in coming.

                      She is now officially here in Vermont-spring!

Click Here - for May 15 update photos of Chamberlin neighborhood lawn ornaments, unique sheds, sports balls, gardens, and more. 
Or page down to see April 9 photos first.

                                                                 APRIL 9, 2015

            White on Green (on White Street)
                                  Soon to be all spring green - we hope.

Eager to plant vegetables and perennials.


         April 9- Yup, we got fresh snow.

                                                                   Mid April Sugar Snow - Not so sweet.
                                                                                When is spring going to arrive?

                                         What's not quite right in this picture?
                                 Answer: the Maple Syrup container is hanging on an apple tree.
                                                  I so enjoy Vermont McIntosh apples and Vermont Maple Syrup;
                                                  I thought I would try to combine the two!


                                                                               Now that is sweet!

                                                              Grew up a little to early!

I am dreaming of a GREEN spring. Only I woke up and looked outside and it is a WHITE spring. It is snowing – April 8, 2015.

                                                      Mid April in Vermont - the SNOW is blooming.              

     Lost (or camouflaged) on Vermont clothes line: White socks, white underwear, white shirt, white...... all April fresh

                                                     V A C A N C Y

Last resort, we melt the stuff. 

 SNOW APRIL  Its a Drag its getting OLD 

                               Ok, we love snow. in winter. However it is now spring!
                                             Stop - enough with the snow.

              Believe it or Not, there are Lilacs in there waiting to come out.

                          Like the snow these will soon be gone. We hope.
                               (Airport owned houses slated to be torn down in April)

                                We do have some beautiful trees in our neighborhood.

                            Centennial Brook along Kirby Road

Tell the weatherman, we meant Baseball, not winter. 

                             Pink Crab-apple Blossoms patiently awaiting spring.

                                        Even the horses are plum tired of walking in the snow.

                                                  Centennial Brook along Patchin Rd.

                                   Looking out, 
       I am not sure what street this is or what month this is. 

                                                                                           Winter Street Sign

                                                 Spring soon. Huh, we are not taking any chances.

                                      I See SUN, I see sun, its coming-sunshine and warm days

                                      Soon we will be mowing the grass.
           Or better yet, letting it grow tall and watch it gently swaying in the breeze.

                                                 We grow cotton in SB, didn't you know.

                                                       An eternal optimist.

                                       Shoo winter, shoo

                                              Sound the alarm - spring is coming, spring is coming,


                                                                Easter Eggs a-la-mode

                                                                Silver Bullet - guaranteed to kill winter.

                                             You mix a little green, with a little white...

                                 warm it up a bit, and voila, you get flowers and berries.

                                                I can't wait to see my first 97 butterfly's of the season.

                                                             A M E N

                                                Fire her up! Its nearly Barbecue season.

Soon sunshine, warm temperatures, and flowers will adorn our
South Burlington Neighborhood.

Take a walk 
the block
in your neighborhood.
What will you see? 

April 23 update
No wonder spring is taking so long to get here; look what it is riding in on. 

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Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. He urges us all to pick up litter in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health. 
Bernie resides in SB, Vermont
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