Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lake Champlain Burlington Sailing Center. Float boats not litter

On Lake Champlain at the Burlington Sailing Center,  9/21, team UVM ( braved 20+ mph winds...

while Rachael from Rozalia ( and volunteers from VT Law School ( and I,  picked up litter on the shore of Lake Champlain directly in front of the BTV Community Sailing Center ( Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean’s mission is to find and remove marine debris, from the surface to the sea floor, through action, technology, outreach and research.

Hands to Clean Champlain: Autumn Challenge: This is a new event going on NOW through Oct. 29- see details after photos below. Incentive rewards too!

Rachael Miller (founder/director Rozalia Project), Elena Prestt, Alisha Falberg, Rachel Stewart, Paula Valencia-VT Law School attendees.
This portion of our clean up was all found between the sailing dock and the rocky shore
-a very small area with a large amount of trash.


If each person on a small team can clean up this much trash in less than two hours, imagine how much a whole community of folks could do to clean up our precious Lake Champlain shoreline. Green Up Vermont is not just a one day a year event, it is a year round  philosophy-as well as a *call to action.

*See special offering below on how you can not only help, but also have a chance at some nifty Lake Champlain related awards.

                                         Total pieces of litter picked up by the six of us: 687.

Litter break down (count / category)
1. Food wrappers 152
2. Pieces of plastic 93
3. Pieces of foam  92
4. Plastic bottles 48
5. Caps/lids and bottle tops 43

                                         One of these two will decay quickly, one will not.

                                          Below are samples of litter collected
on Lake Champlain shores on previous cleanups.

        Resin pellets found on Lake Champlain shoreline-source of origin unknown.
Used to make plastic containers.
About 75 to make a plastic milk bottle.
Read more about resin pellets @

Debris recovered from Rozalia Project's Lake Champlain Debris Study
(collected as random samples).
The wrack line is part of the shore just above the mean high tide line.

Plastics break down into smaller and smaller pieces which can easily be mistaken and eaten for food by aquatic life and birds.

Please join us and share the following information among your staff, family, friends and partners. Our data show that beach cleanups work and, perhaps against expectation, they are lots of fun. Even better, this year, thanks to some great partners, we have some *extra incentives to take action.

International Coastal Cleanup: Join millions of people all over the world to make a difference to our waterways.  Our data will contribute to the Ocean Conservancy's 27-year study of the world's marine debris and help Rozalia Project with our ongoing VT debris database.

Hands to Clean Champlain: Autumn Challenge: This is a new event going on NOW through Oct. 29. As you know, for Rozalia Project, the data collection is as important as the cleanup itself. We want to learn about the problem to better prevent and fix it! To inspire both clean up and this easy, but important, citizen science project. We teamed up with 3 great organizations. Here are the details:

WHO: This ongoing event is for anyone and everyone who loves Lake Champlain and VT’s waterways and who will take just a few minutes to keep them clean!

WHAT: We need you to:
1. Download Rozalia Project’s data card from our Trash page:
2. Pick your favorite waterside path, park, or beach
3. Grab a friend, your dog, or just your sunglasses, a pen and a trash bag
4. Do a cleanup and record everything you pick up on our data card (this is important)!
5. Hand your completed data card(s) in to the following for some excellent rewards
  • WND&WVS for discounts on their sweet gear: 10% off apparel and accessories if you bring in one card, 20% if you bring in two and 30% off if you bring in three or more!!
  • The Skinny Pancake on Lake Street and then have some delicious food. Skinny Pancake will donate 10% of the value of your order to Rozalia Project!!
  • The Community Sailing Center for a free hour of paddling for every three cards you bring in!!

WHEN: Complete your cleanups any time of any day during September and October. Just make sure to submit your data cards before Oct. 29... 

WHERE: that you can win prizes at the October Green Drinks event at the Skinny Pancake from 6-8 on Tuesday October 29!

WHY: Not only will you be keeping VT’s waters clean, but you will also contribute valuable data to Rozalia Project’s VT trash database, allowing us to identify trash hot spots and work toward solutions!

Questions? Give Rachael at Rozalia Project a call if you have questions with the data card or how to make a difference to Lake Champlain while earning some great rewards! More info on:

We hope to see you at the ICC this weekend or along the lake or a river somewhere in Vermont over the next 6 weeks! Please pass this email and info along to everyone you know who loves the lake and our rivers.
For a clean ocean,
Rachael Z. Miller
Co-Founder/Executive Director
Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean
Mobile: 802-578-6120
Skype: rachaelzoemiller

                                              Vermont  Shoreline Cleanup
Fun and personally rewarding!