Monday, September 3, 2012

Vermont backyard flowers. August in Vermont - Electrifying

                                                                                              Head to tail, summer charges us up.

                                                         Summer in Vermont is electrifying

                                                                           Nature is Art in Vermont.

                                                               Even trees are artists.

Texas isn't the only state that grows'em big.

      After a long winter Vermonters are a bit pale,
but open up once the sun comes out.

                                           Whats behind the curtains? A golden August sunset.

                                                       A little too much sun?

                                                         Summer flowers express Peace

                                                                 Sewing up some final touches - dig those blue eyes!

                                            Release Natural ballons-Ballon Flowers

                                             They don't pollute our land and waterways like latex ballons do.                                             

                                     Lose yourself in the sky and find yourself in a maze of maize in Vermont.

                                                 Glass holds treasure like plastic never could.                          

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of all, me or the flower?

                                          Don't you just want to pet this adorable creature? (Painted Lady butterfly?)

                                          How truly inviting, no wonder butterflys and bees can't resist

                                            Vermont, you are my sunshine.


             Many years ago mom's brother forgot to bring the farm fresh flowers to the church wedding ceremony.                                              

                                              These white bundles
                                               are for





                                                Vermonters have tough exteriors, big hearts.

                                                         Summer friendships are sooooo nice

                                                          Attention Monarchs: Vacancy

                                                    Pretty....   You ain't seen nuttin yet.

                                                        Why go west, Vermont is the place to be.

                                             Light and shade, sun and clouds, Vermont has it all.

                                                             The Sound of Sunshine

                                                                  Reaching for the sky

                                                       What is summer without a garden

                            Thanks to the squirrel who buried pumpkin seeds about the yard last winter.

                                                           A Starbucks fan apparently.

                      Just one of the many surprises from the wildflower seeds dispersed in the spring

                                            Even after the flowers fall and fade they keep on giving

                                            Time to hang the hibscus flowers to dry

   These beauties will make some nice tea to sip while we watch the leaves on the trees match the colors of summers flowers.

                                  Can we bottle summer's beauty and warmth and maybe enjoy some in Feb?


Just pull up a chair and blend in to the natural world that is Vermont.

                                                          I am so happy to be in Vermont in the summer

                                          Remember,    Keep Vermont Green and Clean.
                                                        Pick up and keep litter off your roads.

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