Monday, May 1, 2017

Green Up Day 2017 Preparations - Jericho, Vermont


 Green Up Day May 6, 2017; Why do we do it, how do you feel when you do it, is it really an All-Season-Sport, and how did greening up nearly do me in? Open the links below to read the answers.

·      Clean up Coupon– redeem at any store where you see litter - 

·      How do you FEEL when you pick uplitter? Read how over 100 people responded to the question 
·      Send me your response to the question @ Bernie.paquette@yahoo.  com  and I will publish it along with the others.

·      Litter is an ALL-SEASON-SPORT: Drop a Piece you Lose a Point, Pick up a Piece you Gain a Point.  View photos of different kinds of litter including TREASURE TRASH and read about a frog that bleed red tears over littered trash. 

  *** 2017 Vermont Green Up Day Poster Design Contest Winners


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